Buying or renting a power generator, what to look out for?

A wharf requires a lot of energy, both literally and figuratively. A connection is not always available or sufficient for the heavy machinery used during a construction site. A power generator then offers a solution. There are many types of power groups on the market and it is important that you choose the right device for the right application. What should you pay attention to when buying or renting a power generator?

Take the load in electricity flow into account

In order to select the right power generator for your construction site, the type and size of load connected to it plays a major role. Is there a tower crane on the site, which pumps need to be powered, or is the genset only intended for smaller tools?

It is important to analyse what power you need. For example, with a 100 kVA power group you can generate around 80 kW. In the construction sector, appliances of 10 to 150 kVA are mainly used, but smaller or larger ones are of course also available. For example, our largest rental units that we can install have a power output of 1400 kVA, 1120 kW. Industrial environments in particular need such power generators, think of an industrial bakery, or a distribution centre or data centre with cooling.

The location plays an important role

Does the power generator end up in an industrial area or in a city centre? This, too, affects the type of power generator that is best suited to your project.

For example, in an urban environment you will have to comply with strict noise standards, whereas in an industrial area this is usually less necessary. The same applies when the power group also has to run at night. The quieter the power generator has to be, the larger it will be. So make sure you know how much space you have for the generator.

What is the power generator used for?

There is a power generator for every application. Do you need the generator in a production environment, a food company, for a wharf or event, or as an emergency solution? Is the generator only used during the day or also at night?

When there is no need for a short power outage during operation, it is best to opt for a redundant set-up, also known as TWIN. This is the case, for example, for large events, TV recordings, for powering vital consumers such as in hospitals or during underground drilling ... So there is always a back-up in the event of one of the two power generators in place coming to a standstill. In many applications where power must be guaranteed during power cuts from the grid, a fixed generator is often installed. In such cases, a temporary power group can always be rented to deal with a breakdown.

Ask a professional for advice

It is important that you buy or rent the right power generator. Ask for advice from a professional such as Dutry Power so that you can be supplied with power and light 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Would you like to know what we can do for you? Mail us to make an appointment, we will be happy to visit you.

Dutry Power has years of experience with power generators that are custom made for you. The sound levels, design and options are adjusted to your needs. A number of standard models are available in stock for sale or rental. In addition to fast delivery, Dutry Power can also provide maintenance and repair of your power group.