In order to fully support our customers and our products, Dutry Power has its own "after sales service" in addition to the rental and sales departments. This includes repair and maintenance on request both on site and in our workshops, customer specific maintenance contracts, supply of spare parts and consumables, testing of generators under load, fuel management, remote monitoring, renewal and upgrading of your machine, ... Our technical intervention teams are available 24 hours a day, all year round, to help you in the event of a breakdown and this from our 3 main locations.



Our service department has several well-equipped service vans in each branch to ensure smooth maintenance and repair on site. This ranges from classic maintenance to the replacement of defective or malfunctioning parts. All our technicians have an electro-mechanical training enabling them to solve the most common problems. For specific problems such as diagnosis of problems with engine controls, control systems, ... we also have our specialists. In our warehouses we have a large and strategic stock of spare parts which enables us to react almost always very quickly and not depend on our suppliers.



The purchase of an emergency power generator is one thing, but without periodic checks it makes little sense to make such an investment. That is why the purchase is increasingly combined with the conclusion of a maintenance contract. This contract is drawn up in consultation and according to the wishes of the customer. Our many years of expertise ensure that your emergency power installation is regularly checked and tested at various points so that it is always ready to supply power in the event of a power failure. It is important that an emergency power generator is tested on a regular basis. In many installations such a test with switchover is not so obvious as it usually requires one or more short power cuts. For this reason, we also offer the option of testing your generator with a load bank. If you do not yet have a maintenance contract for your emergency generator or if you have any further questions, please call us at the general number or e-mail.

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Remote Monitoring

Today's technology increasingly allows machines to be managed and controlled remotely. This provides several advantages:

  •     Rapid detection of malfunctions via e-mail or SMS, which also allows a pro-active response and avoids downtime.
  •     be able to analyse the cause of malfunctions remotely, enabling a possible intervention to be prepared and carried out better and faster in many cases.
  •     adjust or change settings and programming remotely, saving costs, environment and time
  •     monitoring fuel supply to avoid unnecessary topping up
  •     monitoring the number of running hours, which enables the performance of periodic maintenance to be optimised.
  •     carrying out certain periodic checks and tests instead of having to go on site, which can save costs

A good, fast and efficient service is our top priority!